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The three things I look for in a massage therapist are diagnosis, touch and a commitment to training and professional development. Noelle has great ability to diagnose a client’s problem because she listens with empathy and utilizes her touch to read each patients body. She then applies her wonderful touch via which ever modality she feels is appropriate or the client requests. Noelle is generous with her explanations about what she is doing and why and is always ready to share her newest book or course of study. Whether I have a sports injury or a new ache or pain, Noelle never fails to make me feel better, heal faster and I always learn something new.
S. E., West Palm Beach, FL
Whole Body Therapeutic Center (WBTC) is a professional business run by a certified and highly credentialed massage therapist. She provides a host of specialized services given your particular issues and needs. I can highly recommend her because she has helped to relieve my hip pain that had reduced me to using a cane for support and stability. I am back to feeling well and walking unassisted and with energy each day. My dogs love our long daily strolls too! Thank you Noelle!
R. C., West Palm Beach, FL

As a craniosacral therapist, Noelle Zulli Adams does its founders proud. However subtle these pain-addressing treatments might seem, in my experience with her, consistently successful results have been nothing short of profound. Noelle is an expert, and a most gifted one at that.

S. C., West Palm Beach, FL
After a knee replacement, Noelle helped me improve my range of motion in the knee as well as movement in the hip joint. She also worked on my shoulder and neck to alleviate pain and improve function. She does a great job of identifying the problem and then resolving it. I always leave her office feeling better.
J.M. , West Palm Beach, FL

“I found the treatment plan for before and after my plastic surgery was very beneficial in my recovery time. My surgeon was amazed at the minimal swelling and bruising immediately after the surgery.”

C.L, New York

After my breast reduction surgery, Noelle treated me the same day I came home. My pain the next day was substantially reduced. I was able to get up and around with ease.

S.D, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I have been treating with Noelle for the last 10 years for various types of therapy. She is very professional and kind and has always worked miracles with her healing hands.

C.M, Lake Worth, FL
Physical Therapy and proper stretching is very important after breast surgery. This was not available in 1993 after double mastectomies.
N.F., Palm Beach, FL

Some time ago, as I was on the emotional rollercoaster of divorce, a friend referred me to Noelle Zulli-Adams. She told me that Noelle was a highly skilled practitioner of craniosacral therapy (CST), a treatment that surely would help my suffering at the time. CST was new to me, but I read about it, and better, let myself try it with Noelle. Thanks to her healing hands and spirit, I was able not only to experience relief from my immediate troubles, but also to heal deeply-seated wounds that I’d been carrying around for years. The integrative effects of Noelle’s treatment have made a huge difference in the quality of my life. To this day I see Noelle for regular massage of stressed bones and muscles, and for CST whenever I need emotional and/or physical relief. To anyone seeking relief from pain of any sort and personal wholeness, I recommend that you go see Noelle Zulli-Adams!

R.W., West Palm Beach, FL

I have received treatment from Noelle for the last two years and have benefited greatly from it. I suffer from osteoarthritis and she has provided me with huge relief from the discomfort that i experience from my shoulder/neck area as well as my lower back. Both her deep tissue massage and specially cranial sacral massage therapy is amazing! She is not only well trained and experienced but is also blessed with a special gift!! I highly recommend her.

T.M., Lantanna, FL

Noelle does an exceptionally good job. She listens intently to what is troubling a patient and then applies solutions that will heal the injury. She is very caring and a true professional.

J.M., Palm Beach, FL


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