Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Being a breast cancer survivor, direction from physicians were given, but as I researched found there were no specific therapy programs offered for breast cancer rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery and treatments. In 2017 was the beginning of the creation of my breast cancer rehabilitation therapy program which assists in preparation prior to surgery and healing all the way through to the end of recovery.

Over 22 years of study and practice, I have combined various therapies to help the needs of women who have breast cancer and face the challenges endured along this season in their lives. To read my story click on “about us”.

Your therapy walk begins with preparing the body for what it is about to encounter.

  • Craniosacral therapy – helps regulate the nervous system and prepare your body for treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and or mastectomy surgery. It is also utilized to help with emotional stress the client may be enduring at this time. CST assists with removal of the energy trapped in the tissues from surgical trauma and or other treatments given.
  • AIS (active isolated stretching) – increases arm range of motion due to surgical procedures and or affects from radiation. Also address the stretching of fascial restrictions that may occur.
  • Lymphatic drainage – with removal of lymph nodes which is common with surgery, MLD assists and directs the lymph fluid to move freely, help reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Myofascial release therapy – prevents restriction of fascia due to the trauma from surgical procedures, radiation therapy and scar reduction.
  • Neural manipulation – during surgery, nerves sometimes can be severed. During radiation therapy nerves can be damaged. NM therapy helps encourage the healing process for nerve conductivity and regrowth.


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